About Us

Industrial Motion Pictures…Movies that Move

Industrial Motion Pictures (IMP) is a creative film company founded by Brian Mehling, CEO. IMP, in association with Mehling Studios, brings creative and innovative films to life.

IMP has been associated with films such as: Tiny Tears, A Smile for Bow, and Italy’s Forgotten Earthquake, among many more.

In production now is “Stem Cells: The Next Frontier.” Stem cell research is the next frontier in medicine, but many have only the narrowest understanding of what it is, what it can do, and why it isn’t explored to its full potential in the United States.  The creators of the 20 minute short movie joined forces with Blue Horizon International, BHI Therapeutic Sciences and Blue Horizon Charitable Foundation teams, to explore what exactly stem cells are, as well as their potential to reshape the medical world. The executive producer of the documentary is Brian Mehling, M.D., founder of IMP. The production team is being led by Ralph Moffettone and John-David Grayson.

We are currently working on several new film projects, which will be featured on our site and in film festivals around the world. For more information, please complete our Contact Us form.